Welcome to LOW Youth Online!

Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)
While the current pandemic we are living in has caused all of us to learn a new temporary normal, I am remaining confident that God is in control. I encourage you and your families to do the same. God has the distinct ability to get glory out of every situation. One of the most beautiful things that have come out of this crisis is the amount of uninterrupted family time we are all getting. This is truly a beautiful thing! The hustle and bustle of life can cause us all to lose focus of what’s truly important — our families! We have created some “family challenges” to keep your family engaged and connected to Christ! 
While we are not meeting face to face at our building, we will be posting lessons and videos every Saturday at 10:00 AM for you to do with your children. This will help keep them connected to the word of God! Feel free to do these on Saturday evenings or Sunday after you all enjoy our Online Service.
I am here to support you and your family anyway I can. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me as needed! My email is lowyouthdepartment@gmail.com. It’s an honor to serve you and your family! Love y’all!
“In Service”,
Jordan “JB” Bankston
Light Of The World Church
Youth Director

Hey Parents!

If you have a child in grades Pre-K to 5th, this week’s lessons can be downloaded here.
All teens 6th-12th grade are invited to join us this Sat. @12pm for Teen Talk.
Connect with us on zoom by clicking here.
Password: 761222

Family Challenges

After you and your family complete a challenge upload a picture or video to social media and tag us (@lowcincy) and make sure to use the hashtag #LOWFAMILYCHALLENGE

There is no order to these challenges, complete whichever you like in any order!


  • Spend 10 minutes together as a family studying the word and praying together.
  • Share what you’re learning and discussing as a family

CHALLENGE 1: Tik-Tok Challenge

  • Create a Tik-Tok dance
  • Upload to social media

CHALLENGE 2: Dinner Challenge

  • Cook dinner together as a family (kids included)
  • Upload pictures to social media

CHALLENGE 3: Dessert Challenge

  • Make dessert together as family (kids included)
  • Upload pictures to social media

CHALLENGE 4: Family Workout

  • Complete a workout together as a family. There are TONS on Youtube
  • Upload a video clip from the workout to social media

CHALLENGE 5: Scripture Challenge

  • Each member of your family shares their favorite scripture and why it’s special to them
  • Upload your video

CHALLENGE 6: Movie Night

  • Watch a movie together as a family. Throw in some special snacks too!
  • Upload a picture

CHALLENGE 7: Family Talent Show

  • Have a family talent show right in your living room!
  • Upload pictures or videos to social media

CHALLENGE 8: Science Experiment

  • Do a science experiment together as a family! There’s tons of easy and cheap ones you can find on Google!
  • Upload pictures or videos to social media

CHALLENGE 9: Game Night

  • Turn off all the electronics in the house and have a good ole fashion “Game Night”. Parents, GO EASY on the kids.
  • Upload pictures or videos to social media